Project Description

The objective my team and I were presented with was to deliver better quantitative data to an active Auto Loan customer about their account, in every state their account may enter. This included redefining what the customer sees in each state, as well as re-imagining how we visualized their account data. With ~300K monthly unique web interactions and ~900K monthly unique mobile interactions on the Auto Loan customer’s dashboard and existing account tracker, there would be a huge customer pay off with delivering the right experience.



Design Manager, Benjamin Lipsett

Principle Experience Designer, Jeremy Gaston

Principle Experience Designer, Melissa Padilla


Previous Design

Loan Tracker


During the research phase, we discovered our current design wasn’t satisfying the customer’s need to holistically track their on-time payoff date at-a-glance, early payoff date, their projected balance at maturity at-a-glance, as well as a matured loan with balance view. The current, in production, design we delivered solved these customer pain points with an explorative, agile design approach we delivered quickly and tested live, in-market.


Current Design (In Production)

Loan Tracker

Loan Tracker

What we delivered on included:

• Added context to their payment history and journey tracking alongside the tracker

• Added hover states to reduce “clicks for full context”

• Added “What are my options?” area below the tracker

• Added a “How did this happen?” link for accounts in distress

• Added tracking for Total Paid and Balance at Loan Maturity